Calgary woman says federal travel mandates should be dropped

A Calgary woman is speaking out against Ottawa’s travel mandates after her father experienced major car troubles while driving across the country to attend his mother’s funeral. During her father’s 36- hour long drive to Ontario, Zoe VanSickle says his vehicle suffered car troubles, forcing him to wait hours for a tow in the freezing cold, and ultimately causing him to fork out a lot of money for a rental. VanSickle and her family, who are against the travel mandates, believe the restrictions are doing more harm than good. She says there is no need for them now especially since provinces have loosened restrictions.

“Vaccine passports and most provinces are being lifted. Individuals such as myself, we are now able to go back to the gym, we can go out to eat. Unfortunately, we live under leadership right now who refuses to accredit natural immunity. Provinces lifting restrictions and allowing unvaccinated individuals to go into restaurants, and gyms, and places, why is the federal government not beginning to lift these mandates,” said Zoe VanSickle of Calgary.

VanSickle says more people should speak out because the situation becomes a personal matter when families are not allowed to travel freely without showing proof of vaccination and ultimately missing major life events.

Angela Stewart

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