Blood Tribe members submit judicial review against chief and council over settlement concerns

Blood Tribe members Roger Prairie Chicken, Eugene Fox, and Lori Scout have joined forces with the Band Members Alliance and Advocacy Association of Canada (BMAAAC) asking the federal court to review a $150 million cattle settlement.  


On October 15, the group filed a judicial review on the cattle settlement with the federal court. The application says there was a lack of proper consultation with members before a ratification vote in September. 


The settlement of $150 million would see each Blood Tribe member receive $3,000. The group says there has been no clear answer as to where the remaining money will be used towards. 


This isn’t the first time members have faced financial conflict. Some members say they have yet to see a $2,000 payout from a settlement claim back in 2019.


Chief and council have 10 days to file their intention to respond to the Notice of Application that was filed against them in the Federal Court. 


Bridge City News reached out to the Blood Tribe’s communication department, but no one was available for comment.

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