311 celebrates four years

311 celebrated their four-year anniversary on Friday. The customer contact centre in Lethbridge has been running since 2019 and has answered over 100- thousand cases since March of last year. It’s evolved into so much including the introduction of a couple new functions like the live chat and new inquiry resolution process. The general manager of 311 says they answer a variety of different calls and are starting to look ahead for their fifth year of service.  

“People call in for, what time is the bus coming, or do you know what’s happening here. Where is there a new dog park going up. Those types of things to help. I’ve got sewer backup. So we answer to everything. We’d like to expand on our chat uptake. We are looking at maybe doing a chatbot and so that’s in our distant future. But those are things that we’re looking for. We’re just continually moved through to technology,” said Cathy Gejdos, General Manager, 311.

Live agents are available over the phone Monday to Friday or in person at City Hall. 


Angela Stewart

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