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Millions of dollars lost in advance fee loan scams

Scammers are now posing as money lenders and are ripping off Canadians of millions of dollars. That’s according to a report released by the Better Business Bureau saying that fraudulent advance fee loans are the culprit. Advance fee loan scams are when you are asked to send money in response to potentially getting a loan. […]Read More

BBB releases report highlighting top 10 scams

Scammers are all around us and the Better Business Bureau has released a report to help protect Canadians. The Scam Tracker Canadian Risk Report highlights the top 10 scams you can watch out for. Staff say cryptocurrency is currently the riskiest scam in our country. March is also Fraud Prevention Month and the BBB is […]Read More

BBB offers tips to combat toy scams

The Better Business Bureau is urging shoppers to be extra vigilant this Christmas season. The organization says toys are just one of over 400 different product categories that have been targeted by scammers. How the scam works is consumers are searching for the hottest toys in store but they are all sold out. Quick searches […]Read More