SHARC Energy Systems showcasing Piranha T10

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Turning wastewater into renewable energy isn’t something you hear of every day. That’s what the company SHARC Energy Systems does on a daily basis. The organization was founded by Lynn Mueller, who is originally from Champion, Alberta. Mueller says they have installed a piece of machinery called the Piranha T10 in the Lake Louise Inn that recovers all of the heat from three washing machines.

“So, they have these big commercial washers where they’re doing all their sheets and towels and such. Then they were just dumping all this really warm water, kind of like 50 degrees Celsius- 120 degrees Fahrenheit water just down the drain. So, we just intercept it, put it through our Piranha, strip all that heat back out of it, and then put it back down the drain. So, it’s just such a simple system to do, and we were able to fit it right in the laundry room. They’re on propane there too, so it’s very expensive, and the carbon intensity is very high. So, the system there saves us 30,000 litres of propane a year. It’s about $1 a litre, so the savings were a no brainer.”

Mueller says the Piranha T10 reduced the Lake Louise Inn’s laundry water heating energy demand by as much as 45 per cent.

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