‘No answers yet’ on Whoop-Up Days

Exhibition Park is home to plenty of Southern Alberta staples, including Whoop-Up Days.  The building is currently host to Alberta Health Services COVID-19 immunization centre. Alberta premier, Jason Kenney, announced recently his optimism for large scale events like the Calgary Stampede and Whoop-Up days.

“As more people become immune, we will be able to get back to normal faster. When about half of us have immunity, we are hoping to be able to raise capacity limits for gatherings.” says Kenney “We’re anticipating that we’ll be able to gather together in larger groups”.

With construction simultaneously taking place at the grounds for southern Alberta’s Agri-Food hub, Exhibition Park says the event would have looked different this year regardless.  

“It won’t be the full-scale Whoop-Up Days that everyones used to, strictly because of the footprint on our site,” says chief operating officer of Lethbridge & District Exhibition, Mike Warkentin.

Event planners are handcuffed from releasing specifics for outdoor events, but say a limiting factor is national border closures.  If  Whoop-Up Days can have live music, the talent will have to be homegrown.  

“There’s so many talented…right here in Alberta, southern Alberta…right here in Lethbridge, musicians and entertainment acts, and so that is what we are looking at for those potentials,” adds Warkentin.

Exhibition Park is set to make an announcement on April 28 relating to COVID-19 friendly activities that they hope will take place this summer. 

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