Lethbridge School Division awaiting COVID-19 vaccine for frontline staff

In the coming weeks, the Lethbridge School division alongside the Holy Spirit Catholic division will have the opportunity to rapidly test for COVID-19.

The province announced Saturday that testing will be offered to 222,000 students across Alberta. Testing for junior and senior high school students will be prioritized based on various factors, including prevalence of the virus in the community.

Lethbridge School Division Superintendent, Cheryl Gilmore says that in addition to rapid testing, she is hoping staff members will be vaccinated soon. 

“Giving schools consideration, giving school staff consideration only makes sense because in terms of continuity of learning to students, the more teachers end up in quarantine and isolation because of positive cases in their classes,” says Gilmore “and the more at risk we put them, we’re affecting continuity of learning as well as families”.

Over 400 schools in the province have reported cases of COVID-19. 

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