Lethbridge College announce new President and CEO

Lethbridge College has a new president and CEO. Dr. Brad Donaldson takes over from Dr. Paula Burns who resigned from the position earlier this year and moved to BC. Donaldson has almost 20 years of experience with post-secondary institutions and says he is most looking forward to helping the college grow.

“The people I have met have been fantastic, I know the reputation of many that are there. It’s just that opportunity to power innovation, to power growth in the organization to meet our purpose, but also, as I mentioned before, to help all the people that we engage with to help aspire what they want to accomplish. That’s very invigorating and exciting for me to see people succeed,” said Dr. Brad Donaldson, the new President and CEO of Lethbridge College.

Donaldson will begin his new role on September 6., and will serve as the ninth president in the college’s history.

Angela Stewart

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