Freedom marcher James Topp continues cross-country journey, veteran faces obstacles

Freedom marcher James Topp continued his cross-country journey of walking across Canada protesting the COVID-19 mandates. Topp who is serving in the Canadian Armed Forces says he is in the process of being released from the military as he doesn’t believe in the mandates. He was also charged for speaking out against the restrictions while he was in uniform.

Topp says there have been some hurdles along the way that haven’t made this journey easy.

“The challenges of bringing a team together, holding it together, getting everything in place as far as logistics, and administrative, has been an enormous challenge. We are marching typically for five days with a day off trying to get our messages out to members of parliament, trying to schedule interviews, making sure that we have a place to put our heads down, making sure that we have enough to eat. It’s all been a challenge, but I have to say that the team has pulled it together quite nicely,” said James Topp, who was in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario on Monday.

Topp adds the support he has received from everyone has been incredible so far.

Angela Stewart

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