Comedian Brent Butt to perform in Lethbridge

A Canadian comedic legend is hitting the stage in Lethbridge this weekend. Brent Butt from the long time TV series, Corner Gas, will be performing 7 p.m., Sunday night at the Yates Theatre. Butt says he’s not used to the size of the city of Lethbridge after living in a place like Dog River.  

“They reached out and to my booking agents and said, hey, how about doing the show here. And I’ve performed in Lethbridge before, always had a good time. Nobody threw anything, so why not come back and do it again. Yeah, I always have a good time. I always think of a tour as like you get your name on a bus and there’s a whole entourage, but it’s just me and my greasy jokes going out and doing shows, and then I come back home. But I’ve been doing stand up 35 years now, and it’s still my very favorite thing to do. I love it. I love getting out in the road, getting out in front of people,” said Brent Butt, Comedian and Actor.

Butt will be performing Sunday before a sold out crowd. 

Angela Stewart

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