The importance of spiritual gifts

When it comes to the Christian faith do we each only receive one spiritual gift? Or can a person have more than one such as the gift of tongues and the gift of prophecy. Charity Virkler Kayembe (Kye-em-bay) who co-wrote the book Overflow of the Spirit: How to Release His Gifts in Every Area of […]Read More

Edmonton woman takes wrong COVID test, detained for two nights

An Edmonton woman who took the wrong COVID test was detained for two nights after landing from an international flight at the Calgary International Airport last Thursday night. As Jeannette Rocher reports, Nicole Mathis took the antigen test instead of the required PCR COVID test and now wants to warn other travellers to avoid making the same mistakeRead More

Children’s Link expanding into Lethbridge

Having a child with a disability comes with many hurdles, and some parents find it helpful to talk with other parents going through the same thing. Calgary based nonprofit Children's Link is expanding into Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. The group is working with dozens of local agencies, and is hoping to offer virtual chats for parents to engage with each other across the province.Read More

Alberta Summer Games cancelled

Following a consultation with Alberta Health officials, the city of Lethbridge and the province, the Lethbridge Alberta Games Society has decided to cancel the 2021 Alberta Summer Games due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.Read More

Black History through Art

The Southern Alberta Art Gallery is hosting an interactive publication workshop for February, which is Black History Month. The Zoom event will be held on February 14th from 2-4pm and will walk through various topics that highlight some of North America's darkest moments in history.Read More

Big Brother will be watching

US political reporter, Lisa Daftari, says with what transpired at the Capitol US President Joe Biden is now looking at legislation of increased surveillance. That means big brother will be watching your every move. She says that does not sit well with many Americans.Read More

Firefighter cancer ‘epidemic’ in local communities

For the first time Canada took part in Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month. A 2018 study says that cancer is the leading cause of death in Canadian Firefighters. These brave souls and their families want their communities to be aware of the staggering amount of firefighters who lose their lives each year. Video journalist Ainsley O'Riley spoke with officials at the International Firefighter Cancer Support Network, along with local detachments who shared the urgency to get people talking.Read More

Former Humboldt Bronco player to release memoir

A survivor of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, Kaleb Dahlgren is releasing a book, titled Crossroads. Dahlgren says the book will include experiences from his life from Childhood, up until the end of Summer 2019. The book will be released on March 16, and is now available for preorder.Read More

Lethbridge Police charge organizer of “freedom rally”

This morning Lethbridge Police announced that two tickets of $1,200 were issued to the organizer of Tuesday’s protest at City Hall to challenge provincial lockdowns. Protestors did not wear masks or social distance, and no tickets were given on scene. LPS Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh says officers used discretion in deciding not to hand out tickets to the protestors.Read More

STARS kicks off its 28th lottery fundraiser

The 28th annual STARS lottery launched today with 2,500 prizes valued at $4.5 million. The nonprofit was forced to cancel its Boots and Roots fundraiser, which typically draws in around $11 million. Organizers are hoping to sell out, and raise that total. STARS says its grateful for southern Alberta's continued support, especially so many in the region using the life-saving mission.Read More

Dangerous offender designation for Coaldale sex offender

A Lethbridge judge delivered her verdict today to designate convicted sex offender Trevor Pritchard of Coaldale a dangerous offender. The designation allows the court to keep an individual incarcerated for an indeterminate amount of time, if they pose a threat to public safety. He has been convicted four times of sex-related offences including sexual assault of minors, luring, and child pornography. Convictions occurred in 2004, 2009, 2010 and 2019.Read More

Motion passed to request province cap food delivery app fees

Skip the Dishes — many Canadians have used the service especially during pandemic. Did you know the service charges restaurant owners up to 30 percent of an order? Many times that leaves struggling restaurant owners with very little profit. A motion proposed today, led by councillor Rob Miyashiro has been passed 7-1, asking Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman to chat with Premier Jason Kenney about not allowing these delivery companies to charge more than 15 per cent.Read More

Tattoo business fined for disobeying restrictions

On Monday Bridge City News interviewed a local business owner who made it no secret he was going to open his tattoo parlour despite government restrictions to remain closed until at least January 21. He has now been fined for contravening the public health order and has to appear in court.Read More

Why Canada’s wait times are so long

When it comes to surgeries in Canada many have been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to overall wait times how does Canada stack up compared to other countries? Bacchus Barua, associate director of Health Policy Studies at the Fraser Institute, did a study and gave us his thoughts.Read More

911 EMS dispatch to centralize Jan 12

Lethbridge Mayor Chris Spearman says attempts to connect with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, and Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro about integrated EMS systems have fallen on deaf ears. Spearman, alongside mayors of Calgary, Red Deer, and Wood Buffalo hosted a press conference to highlight the switch of local EMS dispatch to one provincial system. Bridge City News has been following the story and Ainsley O'Riley has the details.Read More